For flower bulb nursery W.W. van Haaster & Zn., product development is one of the core business activities of the company. Breeding activities contributes to innovative and healthy future of companies and an improved range of bulbous plants. Together with other businesses in the sector we cooperate to achieve better products which have more value for consumers. Flower bulb nursery W.W. van Haaster & Zn. participates in breeding programs of the following bulbous plants; hyacinths, Dutch irises and lilies (Roselily®).


Markglory is a collaboration of eight specialized hyacinth cultivation and trading companies.

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Iricom is a partnership, formed by three cultivation and trading companies in the north of Noord – Holland

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The cooperative growers association Roselily® is an unique collaboration focused on developing, cultivation and trading of Roselily®.

Website Roselily: